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We offer a large comprehensive range of services here at JJL Trees, from pruning your shrubs to a complete tree removal.

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Surveying and Inspections

Our qualified team are proficient in carrying out surveys to map any defects, or higher risk trees within a property boundary. This includes the location/risk, height and canopy spread of a tree, whilst high risk trees are further inspected

Tree preservation

TPO (tree preservation order) is there to protect specific trees from being removed and/or damaged without permission from a local authority.If a tree does have a TPO, By law we have to contact local authority with a written application on your behalf,and a decision will be made within 8 weeks.

Safe Tree Removal

We dismantle a tree safely and carefully, when they may have been diseased or even structurally dangerous. Regularly we remove trees for areas where building work is being carried out, and needs to be completely removed, or where they have been planted in an unwanted place on streets or gardens.

Boundary Cutbacks

You legally cannot remove trees outside of your property, but you are entitled to cut back the branches overhanging it. Many properties have a boundary ‘hedge’, which our qualified team can help you keep it maintained by trimming and shaping as required.

Crown Reduction

Is the reduction of the overall height/spread of the tree, by removing the ends of the branches evenly throughout, leaving a balanced and maintained shape. Crown Reduction is perfect for reducing shading/light loss, or if you are uncomfortable on its size due to being so close to your property.

Crown Thinning

Is the removal of a portion of smaller branches,usually at the outer crown to produce a uniform density of foliage around an evenly spaced branch structure.It allows more light to pass through the tree and reduces wind resistance.


We use pruning to maintain a tree in a safe condition, to remove broken or dead branches, to promote growth, to regulate size and shape or to improve the quality of flowers, fruit or timber. Incorrect pruning can lead to trees becoming unsightly, diseased and / or potentially dangerous. We can sometimes revive a diseased and dying tree by pruning away the affected area.


A popular process in which you cut down a tree, which should be carried out by professionals.

Garden Maintenance

We offer a range of services that covers your gardens needs.for more information please call us.

Hedge Trimming

Hedges and bushes are generally trimmed for aesthetics-keeping its shape and appearance within reason without damaging them.

Young Tree Maintenance

We maintain and offer advice from the time the trees are planted, which includes formative pruning to ensure the trees longevity and health.

Site Clearance

Our Site Clearance service can be tailored to suit your needs whether you require removal of garden waste or bigger areas such as trees and vegetation.

Height Reduction

This is when we safely reduce a tree to its required size. This is normally done when a tree outgrows its space. We use specialist pruning techniques to reduce the height of the tree.

Pest and Disease Identification and Treatment

We are fully qualified in handling and using pesticides whereby we can diagnose the problem with your plants and trees, and then recommend solutions to treat them if possible. We also offer advice on how to prevent problems in the future..

Stump Removal

Depending on the size of the tree,we use a stump grinder to completely remove the stump after removing a tree.It mechanically grinds out and removes the main root plate.It stops new roots arising from the stump in the future.

We also work with corporate clients

Maintainance plans for school, carehome and hospitals can be planned and arrange to suit your requirements. Take a look at all of our services to see if we can assist you or get in contact now.

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